About Me

Hello! my name is Chris Wren. I have three Children, all of which are in there late teens, early twenties and I am now proud to say they are living happy and productive lives.
I left the UK on April 7 2015, after a series of sad events, one of those being the death of my mother. I’ve started a new chapter in my life to find a place in Asia where it would be possible to live on a small monthly budget and I am happy to say that place is Naga City, Camarines Sur, Bicol Region, Philippines. Please join with me on my journey and see where it takes us, while I document my travels and show you this beautiful Country, its people and its culture.
April 2016 Update, I have been in the Philippines for a year now and have had failure as well as some success, but on the whole my experience has been very positive. I love the Philippine people and their culture and especially the importance they put on family. I came here with an open mind and heart, hoping to use my limited resources to help where I could and to expand my knowledge of the Philippines and its people.
I am most definitely a wiser person than the one that got off the airplane in Manila a year ago, but I can also say I am a much happier one to. I have proven that living on a small budget in the Philippines is more than doable, however, it’s not without its challenges and sacrifices.
I am ready to start my next chapter, but to do that I will need your support, so please help me continue my journey to the end, where hopefully I will have someone in my life I love and who loves me and if wishes come true, I will have built my new home by the sea?

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