How to convert a foreign license to a Philippine license

  1. Original and one photocopy of valid foreign license. If the foreign driver’s license is not in English, the applicant should submit an official English translation from the local embassy of the issuing country.
  2. Original copy of valid passport showing the latest date of arrival in the Philippines of the foreign applicant.
  3. Original and machine copy of valid visa or alien certificate of registration (ACR) if the foreign applicant temporarily resides in the Philippines.
  4. Original copy of medical certificate with official receipt issued by an LTO accredited or government Physician.
  5. Negative drug test result issued by DOH accredited drug testing center or government hospitals
  6. Duly accomplished application for driver’s license (ADL). [Download this form here]
  7. Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN), if employed, (In compliance to Executive Order 98 & MC ACL-2009-1251)
  8. New regulations have just came into force, before you qualify to convert your license, you must have been in the Philippines for at least a month and be able to prove that you are staying in the Country for no less than twelve months.

Note: If Foreign License is expired, applicant shall undergo written and practical examinations.

  1. Go to the customer service counter to get your checklist of requirements and secure a driver’s license application form. [This form is available for download here. You can accomplish this form prior to transacting your business at the LTO.] Get a queue number.
  2. When your number is called, go to the evaluator counter and submit all the required documents and have it checked for completeness and authenticity.
  3. When your name is called, go to where your photo and signature will be taken.
  4. Go to the cashier to pay the application fee.
  5. Go to the examination room for the lecture and written exam.
  6. After passing the written exam, wait for your name to be called for the practical exam.
  7. After passing the practical exam, go to the Cashier when your name is called for payment of necessary fees and obtain an official receipt (OR).
  8. Go to the releasing counter, wait for your name to be called and present the OR and claim the card type license.

Any licensing center / District office with driver’s license transactions


Valid Foreign License

(No Examination)

Expired Foreign License

Application Fee: P100.00



  1. Couple of questions: Did you have to give up your british license and what was the total cost of the Philippine License?

  2. I just went through this process myself about two weeks ago and would like to add to the knowledge base here, based on my experiences. I live in Polangui, Albay, in the Bicol region, and I’ve found that things can and do vary depending on where you live and where you go to get things done, in spite of what the official websites might say.

    I’m from the US and have a current US drivers license with a motorcycle endorsement.

    The pertinent information:
    1) They did not keep my US drivers license
    2) I did not need to take a written test
    3) I did not need to take a practical test (almost…see below)
    4) I did need the medical clearance form (P100 from the place across the street from my LTO) but no one directed me to, or asked for, a drug test (as stated on the website).

    When I arrived I was sent to the Chief of Office at the LTO, no one else there knew how to do a foreign license conversion. He gave them instructions (and me too) and off we went to fill out the application and get my medical clearance form. I handed all that in and then the lady processing the papers asked me what type of vehicle I was driving because they could only issue a license with a Restriction Code of 2 (meaning a private 4-wheeler). I told her that was a problem since I drive a tricycle (private) and ride a motorcycle.

    So, back to talk to the Chief. He said they could only covert what was on my original US license, which has no category for “tricycle”, and he said they couldn’t issue the original Philippine license with Restriction Code 1 (tricycle, motorcycle), only Restriction Code 2. I showed him that my license was endorsed for a motorcycle and told him we didn’t have a 4-wheeler, only a tricycle. He thought about it then said if I was willing to take the practical driving test on my tricycle, and if he could get the computer system to issue two licenses in one day, he’d have them process it and would use my medical clearance for both licenses.

    And that’s what happened. They processed my first Philippine license with a Restriction Code of 2 (only for a 4-wheeler) with no written or practical exam. As soon as I paid of that and had it in hand they had me fill out another application form to add Restriction Code 1 (motorcycle and tricycle). A nice fellow showed up and directed me to the parking lot and had me drive my tricycle to the end of the parking lot and back, twice. End of practical exam.

    Another hour or so later, they had me pay for my second license, and handed me the new one with Restriction Code 1 and 2 on it. They also handed me back the first license as well, so now I have two! 🙂 I’m now have a Philippines drivers license and am legal to drive a 4-wheeler, a tricycle, and a motorcycle.

    Total costs for the day (for the medical clearance and both licenses) came to around P1,000. Oh, and five hours of time, about 1.5 hours of which were due to the Internet going down, which stopped processing.

    Sorry for the length of this comment but I hope it contains helpful information.

    • Hi and thanks for the information,however since you posted this message the law has changed and while on a tourist visa you can no longer exchange you license for a Philippine license.

  3. Hi! I am not sure if you are still visiting this, but it says in your article the venue is any licensing center with driver’s license transactions. So can we go to SM Megamall instead of the main office in EAST AVENUE QC? Thanks so much in advance! hope you read this 🙂

    • You need to go to an LTO office to convert your license,however the law has changed where you are unable to convert while still on a tourist visa,because you have to prove that you will be in the Philippines for more than a year,but of course you can’t do that on a tourist visa.

  4. That is a good tip especially to those new to the blogosphere.
    Short but very accurate info… Many thanks for sharing this one.

    A must read post!

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