How Much Currency Can I Bring into the Philippines

stock-photo-hundred-dollar-bills-for-background-129030494No permit or permition is required to bring in or take out currency from the Philippines.  However, foreign currency in excess of $10,000 carried by the traveler must be declared at the Bureau of Customs Desk in the airport. This is pursuant to the Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2001, which requires all money transactions involving amounts in excess of 400,000 peso’s to be reported to the Anti-Money Laundering Council (even if the transaction is done through the banks).

Travelers arriving in the Philippines must submit to the Bureau of Customs Desk in the airport Arrival Area a Declaration Form stating the amount (foreign currency in excess of $10,000.00) being brought in.

Travelers departing the Philippines must submit to the Bureau of Customs Desk in the airport Departure Area a Declaration Form stating the amount of (foreign currency in excess of $10,000.00) to be taken out of the Philippines. The source of the money (e.g., personal income) must be stated.


The taking in and bringing out of Philippines currency in excess of 10,000 peso’s is strictly prohibited, and any reason to carry any currency in excess of the that amount must be given authorization by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) International Operations Department, Room 301, 5-Storey Building, BSP Complex A. Mabini Street, Malate Manila, Tel. No. (+632) 708-7107 and Fax No. (+632) 306-3091.



  1. Came across your site by watching some of your Videos. I have been to the Philippines many times was married twice there and have children by each. I had property in Daanbantanyan but as you know Americans can’t own such so I lost that in the Divorce. I love the Islands and the people there something changes about them when they come to America. I would love to live there in the near future to do as you do, who knows maybe we will meet some time.

    • I’m sorry to hear of your experience and I hope you can return here one day.I get asked a lot if foreigners should bring there Filipino wives back to there Country and my answer will always be no,because there are too many temptations and pressures in the west.I have just got married and there is a 26 year age gap,so while ever I’m here there is a chance for things to work out,take her back to the UK,no way.

  2. hi my name is Elvis i saw you’r videos and i want to go much money should i bring with me to find a place? and where should i stay to begin?

    • Hi Elvis,they are hard questions my friend and I can’t be much help,because there are lots of factors.I would bring as much as you can afford to bring depending on your length of stay and what part of the Philippines you wish to stay in.Your question have to contain more information about yourself and what it is you wish to do i.e visit or stay long term.

  3. hello Chris, my name is Roberto 53 years old from the Netherlands, been chatting with a woman in the philippines for 6 months now and want to go there next year,
    do you have any really important advices for me, thanx Chris

    • Hi Robert just don’t stay with her family and make sure you meet somewhere where there are lots of people.Good luck I hope everything works out for you.

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